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This simple, free-market guest worker system is the cornerstone of immigration reform – and it works for everyone!

The Red Card Guest Worker Permit plan guarantees opportunity, protection and fairness to employers, migrants seeking work, and citizens concerned about border security.

Opportunity This free-market system gives businesses the opportunity to hire the workers they need, and provides opportunity to workers through upward mobility, job changes and permit renewals.

Protection The Red Card plan protects America’s borders and respects the rule of law. It protects workers from exploitation and abuse.

Fairness The Red Card system means fairness because it will keep families together. It doesn’t support special treatment for special groups, but provides equal treatment for all.

Private employment firms would create a quick, simple process for employers to post jobs and for workers to post qualifications. These firms would match workers to jobs, run criminal background checks, and issue work permits using smart- card technology.

The Red Card plan is the key to reform because it strengthens border security, pro- vides employment verification—and finally solves the work permit problem.

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